The location is United States’ Virgin Islands (U.S.V.I.), where BBK Developments owns a land and properties in St. John and Water Islands (as well as Vieques Island). The U.S.V.I. has a total land area of 133.73 square miles (346.4 km2) and an approximate population of 106,000.  The United Nations classifies the islands as a Non-Self Governing Territory, which is currently an organized, unincorporated United States (U.S.) territory.

St John island is 80% National Park which is run by the US National Park Service.  There are two main inhabited areas (with an approximate population of 10,000): Cruz Bay and Coral Bay.  Cruz Bay the main town, located on the North of the island and Coral Bay, a smaller community which is located towards the East of the island.  There are many beautiful beaches and hiking trails, along with many good restaurants, bars and shops.

Water Island consists of 491.5 acres (1.989 km2) with a population of approximately 180.  The eastern third of the island is Sprat Bay Estates, a gated community.  There is also an eco-campground (Virgin Island Campground) and a small Guest House. The main attractions are the beaches, including Honeymoon Beach. Some of the villas on the island are available for rent by tourists, Joe Biden (the US Vice President), vacations on Water Island.

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